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Vick, The South, and Justice

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ESPN has a fantastic article about the history of racial injustice in the South, and how it’s influencing opinions about Michael Vick’s alleged dogfighting.

“You would think that Michael Vick is the largest criminal this country has ever encountered, by the media play,” [prominent 1960s civil rights activist Juanita Abernathy] says. “The way they have portrayed this, you would think he’s guilty until proven innocent because now it’s his goal and his responsibility to convince America that he’s innocent.”

Kwame, 36, reluctantly paraphrases Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, not exactly a favorite of most African-Americans: “It’s an electronic lynching.”


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Bush Worried About New Threat – Watch more free videos

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YouTube Tuesdays – Parkour

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Humans are magnificent, smart primates. Check out this little Parkour demonstration video for evidence of that.

More cool Parkour/FreeRunning videos after the jump.

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