The Austin-American Statesman published a good commentary piece on Saturday by Perry Glanzer who is “a professor at Baylor’s School of Education and the Institute for Church-State Studies”.

Glanzer claims that Focus on the Family’s James Dobson was just crying wolf when he “officially renounced Harry Potter” last week.

Professor Glanzer points out that “although God may not be mentioned, messages consistent with Christianity and even a sprinkling of Christian symbolism abound” and that “Rowling’s series reinforces a core Christian belief that good and evil are not just socially constructed.”

Dobson should save his ammunition for real ? not perceived ? attacks upon Christianity such as a movie coming this Christmas. During the holiday season, “The Golden Compass” will appear in theatres, a movie based on Philip Pullman’s first book in the best-selling “His Dark Materials” trilogy.

The timing of the movie’s release is ironic considering that Pullman hates Christianity.

In The Washington Post, Pullman admitted that, through his work, “I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”

So- at least I have something to look foward to this winter!