Did anyone watch the Iowa Republican debate this morning?

I’m working my way through it now on the Tivo (went to the State Fair this morning- more on that in a later post).

Anyway… all of the candidates were given a chance to talk about Iraq and Ron Paul got to answer first.

His answer: “Just Come Home.”

Ron Paul has been against the war since the begining so his answer, of course, isn’t too surprising.

But the audience response was: big cheers!

I almost forgot for a minute that I was watching the REPUBLICAN debate…

  • Who ever thought there’d be any of those comsymp anti-American troop-hating traitorous anti-war bastards at a GOP debate?

  • Don’t worry, they also cheered for a lot of other crazy answers: like when all the candidates agreed that cutting taxes is the best solution to fixing all of the nations roads and bridges.

  • Whew. For a minute there, my entire world was upside-down.

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