Just a thought: fixing all of the bridges in the US would cost us about $188 billion.

The cost of the war in Iraq?


  • Pork spending for Jack Murtha, or fix bridges?

    Health care entitles, or fix bridges?

    blah blah blah

  • * entitlements, not entitles

  • $450 billion (with a ‘b’, right?).

    (Did you write this at the bar?)

  • Yes, Amber, I did mean Billion.

    And no- I didn’t post that from the bar. (I was drinking safely at home by then)

  • As far at Murtha’s “pork” spending goes, he’s only getting $150 Million and, according to The Hill, ?It appears that they are in keeping with the House commitment to reduce earmarks by 50 percent?.

  • Government has more money than it knows what to do with- And one bridge falling, out of the thousands in America, is not enough to show that there is any problem with our country’s roads. And, not to mention, this bridge was a state issue.

    How about this- Since bridges are part of road construction, the best thing the Fed’s could do is eliminate the Davis Bacon Act of 1931. That would save roughly 40% on the cost of federal highways- That’s more of a savings than Jack could ever spend.

  • So in order to improve the safety of our national highways and bridges you suggest we pay construction workers less and give them fewer benefits?

    Nice plan.

  • No, we do more with less and allow non-union contractors to make bids for providing services.

    The Davis Bacon Act was the first federal minimum wage law, and its expressed purpose- which you can go look up in the congressional records during the debate of the bill- was to keep blacks from taking jobs from white workers.

  • Like minded here; how about OR fund the Ohio Hub and take some of the traffic off the highways? Just another thought

  • I love the idea of funding the trains, Carole.

    But they still need bridges.

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