• You would have to be a racist or a Democrat to begin with to think that ad was racist. People are soooo touchy.

  • You’d have to be a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Cro-Magnon young republican to not get that the ad is offensive and inappropriate. Oh look! We have one!

  • It looks like a bunch of very athletic runners are representing the faster clock speed of Pentium processors. Intel is the victim of a bunch of politically correct ninnies.

  • Sure that’s what they intended Matt, but they got bit by the theory of unintended consequences. Had the field been more diverse you and Intel might be able to get away with that argument. You obviously have racist undertones with all of your veiled City Center criticism and fear mongering, so I’m not surprised this doesn’t strike you as inappropriate.

    Maybe if Intel were to have a well spoken young gentleman represent the new Pentium and a stuttering kid represent AMD you’d find something wrong with it. Or would that be too politically correct to be offended by?

    Your logic that you’d have to BE a racist to find the ad racist is just about right for you.

  • In my computer’s systems, my extra harddrive is called a “SLAVE”… which is clearly racist. The NAACP should be all over that.

    And since my apartment has two bedrooms, my room is the larger one and it’s called the master bedroom… clearly, this is racist. The NAACP should be all over that.

    And when giving a tip to a good waitress, it is important not to be niggardly with the tip.

  • Senor Troll

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