Lawmakers in Massachusetts are proposing a ban on all advertising in schools.

Critics say (advertising) is an insidious threat to school children — responsible for everything from obesity and family stress to gender stereotyping and financial woes.

All I can think when I read this is: Massachusetts schools must be AWESOME!

While Ohio tries to figure out how to fix its unconstitutional system of school funding, Massachusetts seems to have moved on to a whole new set of issues.

And, while I’m all for fighting obesity and preventing gender stereotyping in schools- I also realize that Ohio, unfortunately, just isn’t there yet.

Ohio needs to change the way it funds schools before it can start tackling these softer issues. And we all know this isn’t going to happen until we get a Democratic majority in the General Assembly.

Until then, schools in poorer districts need to get their hands on more cash. They need money for new text books and modern science labs. They need to be able to fund physical education (which helps with the obesity) as well as music and art classes.

By law, poor schools need to have everything the rich school districts do, and if that means students have to look at the Nike logo while they are exercising, then so be it.

Why not let a company like Nike donate shoes and gym clothes to poor kids? Why not let GE sponsor the science lab?

If this is the cost of a better education for Ohio’s poorest students, then I say: just do it.