I was out of commission yesterday, and most of the good stuff was already picked up in the rest of the Ohio ‘sphere, including this nugget, which is way too important for a Central Ohio blog to neglect to mention.

Bill Todd got 22% of his current funds for his Mayoral campaign from one David Brennan. You remember David Brennan, right? You should – we’ve talked about him quite a bit.

In case you are too lazy to look it up, Brennan is the Chairman of White Hat, the Akron-based charter school company. And Brennan is a good friend to Republicans, splashing out lots of cash. Little wonder he likes Bill Todd; Todd wants to institute charter schools in Columbus under the laughable assertion that it’s about providing “choice” to parents. These initiatives aren’t about choice – they are about privatizing education and turning into a profit-based industry, rather than a child-centric one, and lining the pockets of contributors like David Brennan.