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Matt Naugle: Special Olympian?

On August 30, 2007 By

Heh. So I get pointed to a post in which our favorite Wingnut Neanderthal Boy calls Jerid a Chucklehead earlier tonight. He left out faggot this time, which was nice. Against my better judgement I click over. I end up making a quick comment, which of course was CENSORED! No free speech allowed there boys and girls. Anyway, I capped it for posterity:

So touchy that Matt. It was just a simple question!

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No comment needed except… 1) Wow! and 2) It will be interesting to see how this story will play out alongside the presidential primary election cycle. Surely there will be a hailstorm of commentary on that over the next few days.

DES MOINES, Iowa – A Polk County judge on Thursday struck down Iowa’s law banning gay marriage and ordered the county recorder to permit gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Less than two hours after word of the ruling was publicized, two Des Moines men applied at the Polk County recorder’s office for a marriage license, and for the first time the application was accepted. The process of granting a license to marry in Iowa takes three days.

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When asked about the Larry Craig incident, Mike Huckabee had a pretty good response:

“The American people will forgive us for being sinners. They will not forgive us for being hypocrites.”

But I’d take it a step further by asking: who really cares if Larry Craig is gay?

I certainly don’t. I don’t even care if he wants to meet people in a bathroom to have sex.

Being a lying hypocrite, though- that’s a different story.

The fact is: a lot of people are gay. It doesn’t make them sinners and it certainly doesn’t make them bad political […]

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Last year Jim Petro lost a tough primary election to Ken Blackwell.

Last week it was rumored that he would run for congress in Ohio’s 15th district.

Two days ago he announced he “wants to run for Ohio Supreme Court chief justice” instead.

And today he started his campaign by announcing he would
work pro bono to free convicted rapist Roger Dean Gillispie.

Sure, the evidence is lacking and may actually point toward his innocence…

But come on Jim- it’s really much too soon to start pimping yourself with cheesy quotes like this:

My heart goes […]

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Going on vacation…

On August 29, 2007 By

This Friday is my 5th wedding anniversary, so I’m going offline for a few days. See you next week.

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From the American Red Cross:

Earlier this week, a string of severe thunderstorms caused significant flash floods, mudslides and dam breaks throughout Ohio. As families and individuals wade through deep waters towards shelter, the rains continue. Local chapters immediately opened shelters for the hundreds of people that had to evacuate their flooded homes. Over 700 Red Cross disaster workers are serving hot meals and snacks, as well as distributing clean up and comfort kits to affected residents.

Donate to the Red Cross

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I thought this was a funny quote worth sharing- from a couple who attended a recent fundraiser for the Summit County Republican Party:

Gust and Frances Kalapodis of New Franklin, who attended the event, said they were confused by Coughlin’s effort. ”I think the guy’s a little squirrelly,” Gust Kalapodis said about Coughlin.

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Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana 2 years ago right now.

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Howz about some “Flight of the Conchords”?

Special bonus song after the jump (it’s hilarious).

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Has anyone else noticed the unbelievable run of bad luck that has befallen state chairmen of Republican presidential campaigns?

July 12 — McCain
McCain campaign official denies soliciting for prostitution

July 24 — Giuliani
Former Giuliani state co-chair resigns from office (cocaine)

August 28 — Romney
After guilty plea, Sen. Craig resigns spot in Romney campaign

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According to the Cincinnati Post:

Cincinnati School Superintendent Rosa Blackwell surprised the board of education Monday by announcing that she plans to retire.

Despite what the Post thinks, I’m quite sure the Cincinnati School Board was not surprised by her decision.

Blackwell’s three-year contract is nearing it’s end- and she has been fighting with the school board for months over the terms of her most recent evaluation.

Earlier this month, the board decided not give her a raise.

And that sounds, to me, like a very non-surprising reason to quit.

( Note: her annual salary of $203,820 is about […]

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