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Long awaited and long promised, the PlunderTee is here! Long ago when I coined the term “Plundercrew” (before Jerid’s apt Plundermonkey), I promised those on the crew T-shirts. Well, not only did I deliver for them – I’ve delivered for you. These are going to be hot kids. HOT! I had 20 made and before I could even get home was down 4. There are currently only 10 in inventory and I’m sure they won’t last long at Bloggapalooza, but never fear. We’ll make more.

If you’ll be at the ‘plooza you can get one there. […]

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Naugle’s long-lost brother?

On July 27, 2007 By

I’m sorry, I couldn’t let this slide. Maybe it has something to do with the last name? From Pandagon:

Janet Folger, head of Faith2Action, wrote a completely unhinged column at WorldNetDaily in support of the madness of homophobic Mayor Jim Naugle, who wanted to install $250K autocleaning toilets to prevent the nonexistent gay sex that occurs in the public beach restrooms.

The Homosexual Agenda?s opposition to Naugle, in her mind, is that the LGBT community and its allies are proponents of nonstop man-on-man sex in beach restrooms. [Oh, nevermind Naugle?s decade-long obsession with gays and how he believes they […]

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In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of lists.

So here’s one more for you…

The latest issue of the Other Paper has a list of Best Of Columbus top picks made by the paper’s readers.

Readers voted Governor Ted Strickland the top Democratic Politician and State Senator Steve Stivers the top Republican Politician.

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Senator Brown didn’t make the top 10 list, but he was listed as one of the top 50 in The’s 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)
Age: 54
Hometown: Mansfield, Ohio
Political party: Democrat
Dating status: Married to wife, Connie Schultz

Ohio?s Democratic senator may not be as sharply dressed as his home-state colleague, House GOP leader John Boehner, or as smoothly polished as another Midwestern freshman, Barack Obama of Illinois. But Sherrod Brown?s combination of rumpled cool and passionate progressivism makes him the unsung beauty of […]

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Heh. OK. WooPoo U was one of many beloved nicknames cadets had for West Point – probably more since I was there. The rock. The point. You get the picture. This news came back in April, but I just wandered upon it in one of those odd multi-tiered search expeditions. WP graduates are leaving at a record pace.

Now there always was a 5 and fly mentality in some. Deal was you last 4 years (very tough…just 1.5 for me), then 5 more and bail. Write your ticket in the private sector. Highly respected companies like Harley Davidson […]

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Maybe the big boys over at BSB will pick this one up. Some local central ohio flavor for the NEObabble set. Pretty Mighty Mighty and Ski Instructor. Probably the best band I’ve seen live in Columbus and I’ve been here since ’93. Guys shoulda got some kinda deal. CD101 played them heavily, which was nice.

DJ-BSB is doing a fantastic job getting Ohio bands some exposure to da blugusphere!

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Columbus got some great news yesteday when the Clean Ohio Council approved a $3 Million grant to clean up the Columbus Coated Fabrics site – leading the way for the development of 500 apartments and condos on the site.

If you’ve ever driven east on E. 5th Avenue in Columbus, then you’ve seen this site at the corner of Grant. It’s that big vacant lot on your left.

I’ve highlighted it in red on the google satellite/map below…

The first thing you’ll notice on the map is: this site is HUGE! Almost 21 acres.

The second […]

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Now this is a man who doesn’t mess around: he’s fired his campaign manager before he’s actually entered the race for President. From the mailbag…

Out before he’s in? The Politico reports that Fred Thompson has fired his campaign manager before launching his campaign: Though he has not yet even declared he is running for president, Fred Thompson shook up his team Tuesday amid fears he was losing momentum and needed an injection of talent.

Apparently, Thompson fundraisers are attracting McCain staffers; including the Alabama state chairman of McCain’s campaign. Sheesh. I think the race for the GOP nomination […]

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In the ol’ mailbag yesterday:

Just months after beginning his inventory of underused state properties, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray joined Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and City Council members to cross a significant site off the list and help bring nearly $200,000 dollars into state coffers.

A 12.9-acre parcel on the west side of Columbus, identified through Cordray?s inventory, will be used by the City of Columbus for a new $8 million Division of Police heliport. The sale was authorized in the state?s budget bill and Columbus City Council approved the $194,955 on July 9, 2007.

Good […]

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Wow. PB readers are all over Dave Hickman lately. This time with news of a rumored book he has written and subsequent book tour. The rumor is that Dave will be promoting his book at Bloggapalooza. The book is entitled: “Beating Ohio Blogs Bare – My Erotic Journey from Cleveland to Columbus”. You can see the cover by clicking the thumbnail.

I’m told this has been a labor of love and that Dave was actually able to learn how to hit the return key. The publisher is reported to have had some problem with him staying […]

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According to the Enquirerer, Mary Taylor our politically-lonely Republican state auditor, is finally stepping up and calling out some charter schools on their poor financial reporting.

Ohio?s state auditor warned charter school operators Tuesday that if they don?t provide satisfactory financial documents for public oversight, they could lose state money.

Auditor Mary Taylor told about 60 charter school officials in Dayton that her department will punish charter schools under Ohio?s new budget law if their financial books are ?unauditable? for more than 90 days.

Way to go, Mary.

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