EOG magazine has done some grading of Congressmen For and Against Online Gambling. “The higher the letter grade, such as an A+, the more favorable the candidate is towards online gambling.”

Here’s how some of Ohio’s Representatives did:

Tim Ryan [D]: A
Dennis Kucinich [D] and Pat Tiberi [R]: A-
Stephanie Tubbs Jones [D]: B
Steven Chabot [R], David Hobson [R] and Ralph Regula [R]: F*
John Boehner [R] and Paul Gillmor [R]: F

And here’s what I don’t understand: how can someone like John Boehner, with a strong pro-business reputation, take such a strong anti-business stand on an issue like this?

What ever happened to keeping government out of our lives?

It’s issues like this, that pit the social conservatives against the libertarians, that are going to tear the Republican party apart.