EOG magazine has done some grading of Congressmen For and Against Online Gambling. “The higher the letter grade, such as an A+, the more favorable the candidate is towards online gambling.”

Here’s how some of Ohio’s Representatives did:

Tim Ryan [D]: A
Dennis Kucinich [D] and Pat Tiberi [R]: A-
Stephanie Tubbs Jones [D]: B
Steven Chabot [R], David Hobson [R] and Ralph Regula [R]: F*
John Boehner [R] and Paul Gillmor [R]: F

And here’s what I don’t understand: how can someone like John Boehner, with a strong pro-business reputation, take such a strong anti-business stand on an issue like this?

What ever happened to keeping government out of our lives?

It’s issues like this, that pit the social conservatives against the libertarians, that are going to tear the Republican party apart.

  • Also, they have a list of L-rated candidates (most like to be “leached”) that includes:

    Steve Chabot (R-OH). Ohio is a good state for us, I think. It’s becoming more progressive and libertarian, especially with regards to social conservatism. Chabot is a foe of ours.

    Deborah Pryce (R-OH). OSU, plus regular Ohio voters, make her seat vulnerable.

    Jean Schmidt (R-OH). Memorably called 38-year Marine Corps veteran Rep. John Murtha a coward for advocating leaving Iraq. Definitely an opponent of ours.

  • Maybe you will be surprised by my answer, or maybe not- But the reason why a number of Republicans oppose online gambling is because the gambling establishments that have no bricks and mortar are harder to tax, and certainly don’t give out major contributions like Indian casinos do.

    I oppose Ohio Learn and Earn, the Ohio Lottery, and other such programs because they are state run monopolies- And its foolish for anyone to argue that gambling will “fix education” or improve Ohio.

    But its quite silly to ban gambling- Is the government going to raid poker games in homes? What about my church’s bingo night that I’ve helped organize in the past? What about if I picked stocks on etrade at random- I suppose that’s a stupid form of gambling with my money, isn’t it?

    I’m a social conservative who doesn’t gamble. And besides the fact that, constitutionally, gambling only should be a state issue- I simply don’t want a federal government that is big enough to enforce silly anti-gambling laws. I’ll leave it to the left to argue for that sort of big, intrusive government.

  • My first comment, after pressing submit, gave me an error message- But anyway, the answer to your questions about Republicans opposing online gambling is: Not only are they harder to tax than gambling bricks and mortar establishments, but they also don’t pass out major contributions like the Indian casinos do. That’s really all it comes down to.

  • #2 & 3: Matt Naugle, both of your comments went in spam by Akismet. This is probably where they belong, but Joe and Brian don’t seem to mind you too much. Probably because you’ve never called them dope smoking hippies or threatened to run them over with trucks. I dunno.

    I’d rather not have an anti-semitic kiddie porn addict like yourself hanging out at the site, but I’m transitioning into giving them more and more control so they can decide.

    Great seeing you at Bloggapalooza. I was sad to see you go so soon.

  • Man, I’m sorry. I don’t know where I got that kiddie porn thing. Probably the same place you got your dope smoking lines. I do know where I got the anti-semitic thing though. Do you?

  • Jerid

    Me thinks someone doesn’t get it that he’s overstepped his bounds one too many times.

  • It’s issues like this that make me glad I’m not a social conservative with libertarian views of trade and business.


    Sure, your God may not want you to gamble… but does He want you to stop other people from doing it too?

    FYI: the anti-gambling laws don’t stop people from gambling online- they just drive the commerce overseas where someone else in another country is getting the tax revenue.

  • #2: You do so gamble. You came to Bloggapalooza right?

  • tim russo


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