If you thought David Brennan was only trying to influence Ohio politicians, think again.

Brennan’s White Hat Management group, an Akron-based, for-profit charter school company, “currently operates schools in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania” and is building schools in “Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, New York and other states across the US.”

And it looks like he’s trying to use campaign contributions to influence politicians in those states just like he’s been doing in Ohio.

According to an article in today’s Denver Post:

A liberal activist group on Monday accused Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer of selling his vote on the Colorado State Board of Education to the owner of a charter school company.

ProgressNowAction contends that Schaffer rewarded a campaign contributor, David Brennan, with a vote in favor of Brennan’s company, White Hat Management.

Schaffer’s response?

The fact of the matter is the poor and underserved children who are dropouts or have been rejected by Denver Public Schools are far from the highest donors to my campaign


So you would have sold your vote to poor kids if they could have come up with more money?