From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This guy is unreal.

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EOG magazine has done some grading of Congressmen For and Against Online Gambling. “The higher the letter grade, such as an A+, the more favorable the candidate is towards online gambling.”

Here’s how some of Ohio’s Representatives did:

Tim Ryan [D]: A
Dennis Kucinich [D] and Pat Tiberi [R]: A-
Stephanie Tubbs Jones [D]: B
Steven Chabot [R], David Hobson [R] and Ralph Regula [R]: F*
John Boehner [R] and Paul Gillmor [R]: F

And here’s what I don’t understand: how can someone like John Boehner, with a strong pro-business reputation, take such a […]

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If you thought David Brennan was only trying to influence Ohio politicians, think again.

Brennan’s White Hat Management group, an Akron-based, for-profit charter school company, “currently operates schools in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania” and is building schools in “Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, New York and other states across the US.”

And it looks like he’s trying to use campaign contributions to influence politicians in those states just like he’s been doing in Ohio.

According to an article in today’s Denver Post:

A liberal activist group on Monday accused Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob […]

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