There’s been a lot of talking about Strickland being a possible running mate for one of the Democratic candidates and an article in yesterday’s Washington Post does a good job explaining why:

Among Democrats, Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio is starting to generate some buzz. Hardly a surprise, since Ohio will be a hugely important swing state in 2008. But check out these other vital statistics about Strickland. He’s the son of a steelworker. He’s a former Methodist minister. He has cut taxes. As a House member, he earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. But he supports abortion rights and universal health care.

  • No thanks. We finally have a good governor. Washington can’t have him. Sorry. Wouldn’t be prudent…

  • I’m with you, Renee.

    Though it would be funny to watch the wing-nuts freak out if Lee Fisher ever became Governor!

  • I agree with Renee.

    But I’d love to see Sherrod Brown on the ticket.

  • So you guys steal Strickland from us (the 6th district) and now your all upset someone might steal him from you? Don’t expect any sympathy from me. And yes, I’m kidding.

    I really don’t see Strickland leaving so early in his term.

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  • mote

    Well if you guys want to keep him so bad, then I really want him as VP.

    A Christian but pro-choice Democratic governor that supports gun rights, universal healthcare, and cuts taxes is someone I can get behind.

    And I think he would be a very strong choice for November.

    Sorry guys, you may lose him, but don’t be selfish.
    Maybe the country needs him more?

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