So it turns out that Rudy and Mitt are pulling out of the planned YouTube/CNN Republican Debate.

So much for the questions that I was planning to submit.

For example:

Mr. Giuliani: Which of the current democratic candidates do you believe hates america most?


Mr. Romney: Given than you want to make abortion illegal, how long do you think a woman having an abortion should spend in prison?

  • Matt N.

    My answers:

    1) Dennis Kucinich, followed closely by Hillary Clinton.

    2) The same length of time as premeditated murder, since that’s what it is.

    I’m thrilled that the youtube debate will be canceled- I can only watch so many snowmen ask questions. It is so insultingly stupid.

  • test

  • huh?

  • Sorry about that.

    Anyway, CNN is rescheduling the debate since Romney and Giuliani claim that they have scheduling conflicts.

    By the way, Matt I wish you wrote speeches for the GOP. I’m sure that attitude would win a lot of votes.

  • tim russo

    i think we now have a clinical defnition of insanity, right here in the ohio blogosphere. naugle starts a fight with a guy, then turns up at his blog to comment like nothing happened.

    i believe it’s called blogpolar disorder.

  • The name for this particular mental disorder is called REPUBLICANISM

  • I appreciate the comments, guys. Really I do.

    But, so far, Matt’s the only one that actually responded to the post itself.

    Any ideas for other questions for the candidates?

  • tim russo

    yeah, here’s a question….why are republicans so mean?

  • They just seem mean when they act so selfishly- saying things like do it my way or go to jail.

    I would, however, LOVE to her why Dennis Kucinich hates America.

  • I think Guiliani is pro-choice, actually.

    I would ask Romney, since he thinks Guantanamo ought to be doubled, what is the legal philosophy that governs the detention of suspected terrorists, and how that fits the American constitutional ideal of a trial by jury and the ability to face one’s accusers in a court of law.

    And then I’d ask him why he’s too good to answer questions from the public.

  • Rudy is pro-choice and a supporter of gay rights. A unique position among the republicans and probably something worth exploiting during the primary.

    The Guantanamo question is a good one- but I’m sure he’s got some prepared ‘i love america and hate terrorism more than you’-type answer.

    Not, of course, that you’d ever get to ask it.

    Maybe try putting it on a sign? He seems to like those.

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