plunderteeLong awaited and long promised, the PlunderTee is here! Long ago when I coined the term “Plundercrew” (before Jerid’s apt Plundermonkey), I promised those on the crew T-shirts. Well, not only did I deliver for them – I’ve delivered for you. These are going to be hot kids. HOT! I had 20 made and before I could even get home was down 4. There are currently only 10 in inventory and I’m sure they won’t last long at Bloggapalooza, but never fear. We’ll make more.

If you’ll be at the ‘plooza you can get one there. Hope to see you. If you are not, you can order one online quickly and easily. I’d like to thank ELK promotions who did an outstanding job on these. If you ever have promotional needs, these guys pretty much rock.

  • redhorse


  • Eric, my parents’ business was called Challenge, Ltd. Guess what the symbol was? A fist of knuckles – just like P-bund but without the wrist in the pic. Too much. I’ll have to get one for my dad and hubby.

  • Since I am going to be working your corner against Senor Troll, can a right wing nut like me buy a shirt from you?

    Uhmm…. is that you in the pic?

    If so, your boxng match will be over MUCH sooner than I thought. I don’t think I will be busy with th towel.

    We will just have to make sure we leave an open aisle for EMS to get Senor Troll out of there.

    BTW, he threatened me that I would never, ever walk again if I messed with him.

    Will you protect me?

  • #3: Surely you can get a tee! Heh. Yeah, that’s me. You know where I’m at with it. I got your back, you wingnut you! It does have the Plunderbund URL on the back though. 😉

  • I got mine! And it still has that new T-shirt smell!

    Great seeing you again Eric, and twas a pleasure meeting Joseph. I lost track of you after the show, could never find out where exactly the after party was 🙁

  • I sported my T-shirt at work friday and everyone was jealous. Awesome shirt Eric.

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