I’m sorry, I couldn’t let this slide. Maybe it has something to do with the last name? From Pandagon:

Janet Folger, head of Faith2Action, wrote a completely unhinged column at WorldNetDaily in support of the madness of homophobic Mayor Jim Naugle, who wanted to install $250K autocleaning toilets to prevent the nonexistent gay sex that occurs in the public beach restrooms.

The Homosexual Agenda?s opposition to Naugle, in her mind, is that the LGBT community and its allies are proponents of nonstop man-on-man sex in beach restrooms. [Oh, nevermind Naugle?s decade-long obsession with gays and how he believes they are going to take over the city.]

Scratch out the words “Mayor” and “Jim”, and you’d think they were talking about our own Matty. Go on – try it for yourself! I’ll wait while you find the white-out and apply it to the appropriate portion of your screen.


Check this video out too. Funny stuff. (Somebody’s not very good with the ol’ PowerPoint!)

Hit Pandagon for all the relevant context, plus links to “Naugles”.