Columbus got some great news yesteday when the Clean Ohio Council approved a $3 Million grant to clean up the Columbus Coated Fabrics site – leading the way for the development of 500 apartments and condos on the site.

If you’ve ever driven east on E. 5th Avenue in Columbus, then you’ve seen this site at the corner of Grant. It’s that big vacant lot on your left.

I’ve highlighted it in red on the google satellite/map below…


The first thing you’ll notice on the map is: this site is HUGE! Almost 21 acres.

The second thing you’ll notice on the map is: this is a GREAT location! It’s about 8 blocks from Campus/High St- and only a few blocks from the highway (71).

So that’s the good news.

Now, here’s the bad news: the site is A MESS. Squatters have set fire to many of the 100 buildings on the site. The whole place is full of lead and asbestos which, I suppose, is the reason this grant is SO helpful…

I drove by there this afternoon and took some pictures to give you a good view of the ‘before’ situation.







Stay tuned to Plunderbund for updates as the City of Columbus, under the strong leadership of Mayor Michael B. Coleman, turns this crap hole of a brownfield site into a great place to live.