My oldest just came barreling though the door upset. Two neighborhood kids told her they would not be friends with someone who doesn’t believe in god and jesus. Religious intolerance does indeed start young and I see the indoctrination all too much. Teach your children your faith and include in that the fact that others live their lives based on something different more than likely. Teach them to accept that and value one another regardless.

Intrapost Update: One of our neighbors mom’s heard the whole thing and is currently ripping her son a big one. I’d rather see a calm discussion about religious tolerance, but understand she wants to get his attention. Question I have is where did the impetus come from in the first place for him to take this view? Starts early. Be careful with the children. They are the world you always wanted.

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  • AW, Eric – you know how I hate this stuff too. Sorry it happened/happens. And you know I agree with you on the intrapost update re: where’d the kid get the idea in the first place, though I know we need to be slow to judge on that as well because it really can come from so many sources these days and not necessarily the parents.

  • Jill, indeed. Turns out the mother was really upset that we’d think they teach that to the point of tears almost. Her son was following the other kid who has trouble dealing with others not like him. His parents have actually openly mocked us for being Buddhist and have tried to get the girls to go to Bible Camp even after they knew of our practice.

    All is well I think. We are fortunate to have great friends who are tolerant and kind Christians as neighbors. They happen to also be Steeler fans, which helps also! Heh. Had to.

    I’m yet to deal with the other, but I will.

  • His parents have actually openly mocked us for being Buddhist and have tried to get the girls to go to Bible Camp even after they knew of our practice.

    That’s terrible. Both parts. Sheesh.

    I’ve been invited (back) to church by some Protestant friends, but they’ve always been respectful enough to let my “no, thank you” stand on it’s own merits.

  • Arvin

    Even the Buddhas of Bamiyan were as impermanent as our views. How do we live compassionately in the hell that other people envision us burning in? This is a great opportunity to practice the dharma. It is even better than blogging.

  • DelCo Dem

    Hmmm- I wish the parents of the kids in my neighborhood would get “really upset” when their children tell my three Catholic children that they are “going to hell” because we are “not Christian”. Unfortunately, the parents not only agree, but apparently do not see anything wrong with their children’s inartful conversion attempts.

  • The need for affiliation appears to arrive very young indeed, and with that are membership tests. A source of information regarding the indoctrination of the young into in-group versus out-group isolationism might be Small Group Dynamics. Since the primary test involves believing, belief itself is the problem.

  • you’ve inspired me to tell a similar story at my place… check it out in a few….

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