From the daily archives: Friday, July 20, 2007

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I got a letter this week that my identity was compromised when that data tape full of State data was stolen. I just finishing signing up for the credit protection service that the Ohio Department of Administrative Services is providing, and it is slick. This is the first time I’ve seen true three-factor authentication that didn’t require somebody sending me a SecureID card. In order to log into the site I have to answer an automated phone call and provide a PIN – which is the same process that occurs any time someone attempts to get credit in my name. […]

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The Inspector General’s Report on the missing ODAS backup device is out.

And, as expected it looks like a lot of people are to blame- from the intern to the consulting company to whom he reported.

The report reveals a series of poor decision and makes some recommendations to prevent this type of loss in the future- but it also reveals some good news:

If there is a silver lining to be found in this matter, it is that despite the many poor
decisions that were made, there appears to be little risk to state employees, taxpayers […]

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Gravel Campaign Goes Virtual

On July 20, 2007 By

I love the underdog candidates- and Mike Gravel is no exception.

He may be a third-tier, unelectable, angry old man- but that’s not stopping him from running an interesting and creative campaign.

While the rest of the candidates are focused on their myspace pages and the YouTube debates- the Gravel campaign is taking it a step further: setting up a virtual campaign headquarters in Second Life.

Here’s a picture of their virtual HQ:

Complete details are available on their blog.

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The stabilization of Iraq cannot be accomplished thru strength of force; at least, not in such a way that we can just up and leave when “the job is done”. Realistically, the job will never be done if we try to do it by force:

That’s why so many Sunnis have accepted Petraeus’s bargain — they join our fight against al-Qaeda, and we give them weaponry and military support. With that, they can rid themselves of the al-Qaeda cancer now. And later, when the Americans inevitably leave, they’ll be better positioned to defend themselves against the 80 percent Shiite-Kurd […]

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Soldiers in distress

On July 20, 2007 By

Elections have consequences. Our soldiers are bearing a heavy burden for our county’s failure to elect a responsible President in the past two Presidential elections.

(HT for the photo to AsOhioGoes.)

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Todd & Tiberi colluding?

On July 20, 2007 By

Jerid pointed out yesterday that Todd’s press conference on Wednesday was a little ahead of the curve:

Anyways, the real meat here is that Todd scheduled this press conference before the grant announcements he cites was released to the public. Kinda strange right? Like Todd has a man on the inside or something.

Apparently, scuttlebutt is that the info may have come from Tiberi’s office, which would be illegal. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this first, but I’ve been a little too busy this week to be paying as much attention as I should. Now that I’ve got something […]

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