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Makes me laugh

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I’m busy catching up on my blogfeeds this morning (very busy day at work yesterday), when I stumbled across a hilarious post on our favorite right-wing blog. Jerid has his take up, but this particular paragraph from our friends on the right left me on the floor laughing:

And since three of the pillars of liberalism are: 1) taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, 2) drug use, and 3) buggery, how can the left take the moral high ground as Flynt?s findings are announced? The truth is- They can?t!

Whew. [wipes tear] (Heavily sarcastic statement omitted for fear of someone taking […]

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Maria Bartiromo: Would you consider a position in business or on Wall Street?

Condi Rice: I don’t know what I’ll do long-term. I’m a terrible long-term planner.

You’re kidding me, right? Our Secretary of State – the person in charge or coordinating and directing our overseas government activities – is such a terrible long-term planner she has no idea what she’ll be doing in 18 months? None?

It’s little wonder our foreign policy towards Iran shows all the sophistication of a 4 year old begging for a cookie.

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