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FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance is one of my guilty pleasures, and the only reality show I really watch. Cedric is just a fantastic mover. Awesome.

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Opt-out organ donation

On July 17, 2007 By

This appeals to me.

Everyone should be seen as a potential organ donor on their death unless they expressly request not to be, England’s chief medical officer says.

Several European countries have opt-out organ donation laws, with great success. Some of them have “soft” opt-out provisions, where even if the potential donar has not opted out, family members can decide to opt-out.

Organ donation is important, and Americans understand it’s importance and support it. Unfortunately, opting-in results in far fewer organ donors than support levels would indicate. This is easily fixable, and should have reasonably wide-spread support, despite the […]

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