Of course, those of us who are propagandistic assholes know that it’s entirely possible to be pro-soldier and anti-Iraq-war. Many of us have tired long ago of being called “anti-American” for being against the Iraq War. So the question posed in the title above is clearly hogwash to begin with.

But it hasn’t been to many conservatives, who honestly believe opposing the Iraq War is (or at least was) anti-American. I wonder how well they are synthesizing the growing opposition to the war from soldiers and their families?

Among military members and their immediate families who responded to a national New York Times/CBS News poll in May, two-thirds said things were going badly, compared with just over half, about 53 percent, a year ago. Fewer than half of the families and military members said the United States did the right thing in invading Iraq. A year ago more than half held that view, according to the a similar poll taken last July.

?I voted for Bush twice,? said Ms. Pyritz, seated with her five children in their home at Fort Eustis near Virginia Beach. ?I backed this war from the beginning, but I don?t think I can look my kids in the eyes anymore, if my husband comes home in a wooden box, and tell them he died for a good reason.?

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