When does this guy realize he’s become a caricature of himself?

Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) called for comity Wednesday during a meeting of the Republican Conference after House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) referred to Senate colleagues who have begun to favor a change in course in Iraq as ?wimps.?

A spokesman for Boehner said his comments were in no way meant to trivialize the war or the senators? decisions. Rather, they were meant to emphasize the importance of allowing the troop surge to work and to urge GOP lawmakers to reserve their judgment on the situation until September, when Gen. David Petraeus is scheduled to brief Congress fully on the progress in Iraq.

?The leader?s comments were intended to illustrate the fact that we just recently voted to give the troops our full support ? including ample time for the Petraeus plan to work ? and that too much is at stake for Congress to renege on its commitment now by approving what can only be described as another partisan stunt by Democrats,? Boehner spokesman Brian Kennedy said.

?Their bill will have no impact if passed, other than to give America?s enemies something to gloat about.?

What a joke. Don’t forget, this man was openly weeping on the House floor over the $100 billion war spending bill just 7 weeks ago.

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