A favorite date for conservatives is “Cost of Government Day”. Americans for Tax ReformGrover Norquist‘s baby – have put together a handy chart showing how the day has fluctuated over the last 30 years.

Cost of Government Day

I’d like to point out something interesting. First, the two earliest days on the chart were both under Democratic administrations. Second, the trends under those Democratic administrations were towards reductions in government spending, while in comparison the trends under the Republican administrations were level to increasing government spending. Now, it is a little more complicated than just who is President, but as Harry Truman used to say – The Buck Stops Here.

Of course, if you are paying attention, none of this should really be news. Republicans are excellent snake-oil salesmen: they talk a good game, and sell people ideas that sound good and reasonable, but in the end they not only always fail to deliver, but they usually do the exact opposite.

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