State Representative Tom Brinkman introduced another crazy bill today trying to ban all abortions in Ohio.

Here’s the important part of Brinkman’s HB 284:

On and after the effective date of this amendment, all abortions are prohibited in this state

It also makes doctors “liable in compensatory and exemplary damages in a civil action”.

Crazy wingnuts. Will they ever learn?

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  • Muffet

    Read the bill. It does a whole lot more. It also prohibits the use of RU-486. It also makes a lot of records public. It also permits women to file civil actions for abortions performed under the former law. Unreal.

    Oh. And it also defines who is a news person for purposes of having access to records. Bloggers aren’t mentioned.

    Brinkman is a nut. Unfortunately, he is my rep. Now, do you feel sorry for me?

  • Amen, Muffet. I don’t think that this bill will go anywhere, but just to be on the safe side, I’ve also blogged about it and am encouraging Ohioans to write and call their reps.

    Let me make my pitch here re: the pro-choice movement’s language: Let’s not play along with the self-titled pro-lifers. Let’s call them what they really are: anti-choice.

    I’m tired of the insinuation that I am “anti-life.” We’re all for life, for cryin’ out loud. (Well, except maybe for politicos that send folks off to die in unnecessary wars… different topic…)

    So hey, glad I found Plunderbund.

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