Citizens for Community Values is the wing-nut group that promoted the anti-same sex marriage amendment back in 2004 and, most recently, pushed for the bill that puts restrictions on strip clubs: forbiding the touching of strippers and stopping nude dancing at midnight.

Citizens for Community Standards is the group organized by strip-club owners and dancers to help persuade voters to overturn those restrictions. It’s organized, if I’m not mistaken, by the Dancers for Democracy folks.

The CCV group, through their lawyer, is now “demanding that the strip-club owners stop using the name because it violates his client’s trademark.”

Sure, the names do sound alike. However, there are at least fifty other groups registered with the Secretary of State’s Office that also sound similiar, including:

Auglaize County Citizens For Community Action
Citizens For Community Awareness, Inc.
Citizens For Community Concerns
Citizens For Community Values
Citizens For Community Values Action, Inc.
Citizens For Community Values Foundation, Inc.
Miami County Citizens For Community Values
North End Citizens For Community Action
Avon Senior Citizens Community Corporation
Citizens Community Bank
Citizens Community Club, Inc.
Middletown Citizen’s Community Development
Ohio Citizens Community Development Association
The Milton-Union Senior Citizens & Community Club, Inc.

Citizens For Justice
Citizens Against Term Limitation
Citizens Against Crime
Citizens For Plain
Citizens Against Casino Gambling
Citizens For A Stronger Ohio
Citizens For Direct Democracy
Citizens Protecting Ohio Against A Six State Radioactive
Citizens For A Reduced Residential Speed Limit
Citizens For An Elected State Board Of Education For Ohio
Citizens For Ohio School Reform
Citizens For Ohio
Citizens For Responsible State Government
Citizens For An Independent Court
Citizens For Ohio’s Working Families
Citizens For Parity
Citizens For Responsible Government
Citizens For Health Care
Citizens For Quality Education
Citizens For A Secure America
Citizens To Elect O’neill Justice
Citizens For Affordable Housing Pac
Citizens Alliance For Responsible Development
Citizens For Tax Reform
Citizens For Democracy
Citizens For Community Values Action
Citizens For A Better Warren County
Citizens For Progress Pac
Citizens For Quality Government
Citizens For Community Standards
Citizens To End Corruption
Citizens Forum Of The Miami Valley
Citizens For A Progressive Ohio

  • I do think it’s kind of unusual for a group lobbying to lessen adult entertainment industry rules to call themselves, “Citizens for Community Standards”. Given the recent brouhaha in Toledo over two union execs spending union dollars at a strip club and a golf outing where volunteers were recruited from two strip clubs for the Lucas County Democratic Party Golf Outing, I’ve done some research on the lobbying done at least here in Toledo by some of these club owners. It would be hard to say some of what has happened represents Community Standards…at least not the community standards up here.

    A more honest approach would be to not purposely select a name that so closely copies a group that was known to oppose them…

  • I could make the same argument against the Citizens for Community Values folks.

    The people in MY community don’t want THEIR values forced on to us.

    We don’t want to ban same-sex marriage and we don’t really care if people want to watch exotic dancing after midnight.

  • the core of the effort to regulate morality lies the desire of “us” to regulate “them.” With each prohibition, a socially dominant group burdens a weaker class of citizens with its notion of propriety. And notwithstanding the moral justifications used to support them, moral regulations only succeed in exacerbating existing social rifts. While the socially divisive nature of prohibition is one of its many costs, it is a cost that is often overshadowed by the more tangible casualties that commonly follow most prohibitory movements. I simply point to it in the hope that it further supports a claim that I have made elsewhere: As we enter a new century, it is abundantly clear that it is time to free ourselves from the idea of prohibition.

    From “Us” And “Them” and the Nature of Moral Regulation by Charles H. Whitebread*

  • Lisa, I think it’s a great name, and not at all dishonest, as you say. They’re trying to reassert that a) just because they may be in the adult entertainment industry does not mean they don’t value community or standards and, b) what businesses can and cannot operate in a neighborhood SHOULD be left up to community standards and laws, not a statewide one-size-bit-all regulation

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