Rush Limbaugh to a 13 year old caller (emphasis mine):

There are liberals everywhere. You may think that just because your town is conservative — there are liberals. They’re hiding in the shadows, and they are lurking there, and they’re around and the odds are that many of them are in the school system.

Boo! (Did I scare you?)

Here you are at 13, already aware of when you’re watching propaganda. That’s great.


  • Casey

    That’s right, Rush, so long as the conservatives govern (or fail to) there will be more and more of us…

    (Cue maniacal laugh)

  • Aren’t you doing the same thing with this post that you’re accusing Limbaugh of doing?

  • Well… I think it’s great when people realize they are watching propaganda. I just think it’s awfully bold of Rush to propagandize about liberals “lurking” “in the shadows” like some kind of evil villain, and then turn right around and congratulate the kid for recognizing propaganda.

    Clearly, the kid’s skill needs a little refinement.

    Of course, that begs the question as to whether or not a news article from Time about global warming qualifies as propaganda. Obviously, without viewing the article, I cannot know, but I’m skeptical it’d qualify, even under the vague guidelines for “propaganda.”

  • #2: I don’t mind slanted stuff. It’s the soft-core propaganda that I worry about. Know what I’m sayin’? 😉

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