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Joe Lieberman Still Sucks

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I am SO SICK of hearing Joe Lieberman spewing the Republican talking points.

I know a politician can quit his/her party. But can a party kick out a politician?

If it is AT ALL POSSIBLE- then we need to dump Joe.

Here is another stupid example of Lieberman’s Republican bent:

Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman asserted Monday that the Iranian government has in effect declared war on the United States.

Lieberman commented after a U.S. military spokesman said Tehran’s senior officials were aware of efforts to encourage violence against Americans in Iraq.

“The fact is that the Iranian government […]

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Nice live acoustic performance of this song after the jump.

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I wasn’t going to write about Al Gore’s son’s arrest- but I couldn’t pass up this story:

Ireland’s top bookmaker, Paddy Power PLC, paid out more than $13,500 on Friday to people who bet that Al Gore would be arrested. Trouble was, the company neglected to specify which one.

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Liberal boogeymen

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Rush Limbaugh to a 13 year old caller (emphasis mine):

There are liberals everywhere. You may think that just because your town is conservative — there are liberals. They’re hiding in the shadows, and they are lurking there, and they’re around and the odds are that many of them are in the school system.

Boo! (Did I scare you?)

Here you are at 13, already aware of when you’re watching propaganda. That’s great.


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Read a summary of the tripe coming out of Wingnutistan about universal health care (and SiCKO) breeding terrorism.

UPDATE: Krazy Kenny gets on the “universal healthcare causes terrorism” train.

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