This is very interesting:

Outside the restroom doors? the theater was in chaos. The entire Sicko audience had somehow formed an impromptu town hall meeting in front of the ladies room. I?ve never seen anything like it. This is Texas goddammit, not France or some liberal college campus. But here these people were, complete strangers from every walk of life talking excitedly about the movie. It was as if they simply couldn?t go home without doing something drastic about what they?d just seen. …

The talk gradually centered around a core of 10 or 12 strangers in a cluster while the rest of us stood around them listening intently to this thing that seemed to be happening out of nowhere. [One man] shouted for everyone?s attention. The conversation stopped instantly as all eyes in this group of 30 or 40 people were now on him. ?If we just see this and do nothing about it,? he said, ?then what?s the point? Something has to change.? There was silence, then [another man’s] wife started calling for email addresses. Suddenly everyone was scribbling down everyone else?s email, promising to get together and do something? though no one seemed to know quite what.

Crazy. Not entirely surprising – Moore knows how to get people talking. And that’s a good thing.

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