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Go West Old Man!

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Headed out west on our first real family vacation of any length. A 2 week trip to Taos, Sante Fe, and Albuquerque. We start off with family in KC and TX, then a HS reunion in KY, then back home. Wish us luck. Since we’ll be in the area, we may end up trying a bit of this:

See all ya’ll when I get back!

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Man, I’m feeling a bit like Billy Gillispie, the new UK hoops coach who is piling up key commitments in his recruiting. Add yet another to the list of new Plunderbund bloggers. Arvin will be joining us soon. Arvin hails from Grandview and should provide some very reasoned as well as spirited commentary.

It’s great to see that though some may be taking PB off the blogroll, others are excited enough about what we’ve done and continue to do to join us. Feels kinda good.

So the Plundercrew, once only a figment of my metaphorical imagination, is now […]

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This is very interesting:

Outside the restroom doors? the theater was in chaos. The entire Sicko audience had somehow formed an impromptu town hall meeting in front of the ladies room. I?ve never seen anything like it. This is Texas goddammit, not France or some liberal college campus. But here these people were, complete strangers from every walk of life talking excitedly about the movie. It was as if they simply couldn?t go home without doing something drastic about what they?d just seen. …

The talk gradually centered around a core of 10 or 12 strangers in a cluster […]

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