The recent issue of Columbus Monthly magazine’s “Best of Columbus 2007” piece has a couple of winners that we’ve been discussing here at Plunderbund.

Best Lobbying Campaign

Dancers for Democracy. “They humanized their industry”, says CM, “portraying exotic dancers as young moms and college students trying to make a living.”

Best Politcal One-Liner

“Mr. Mayor, tear down this mall”, by Bill Todd. “What the declaration lacked in substance- Coleman does not have the power to demolish or do anything else with a privately owner mall- it more than made up for in style,” says the magazine.

Best Politcal Fight

Mary Jo Kilroy vs. Paula Brooks in the Democratic primary for the 15th congressional district. Ok- well, this one is a little out of date. As Lorraine reported earlier this week, Brooks has already dropped out of the primary.