From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 3, 2007

While I’ve been taking a long weekend (and taking advantage of the nice weather to get some woodworking done in the garage), Jerid has been filing a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission against the Bill Brownson for Council committee. Bill Brownson is running for Columbus City Council. See the details at BSB.

It’s my opinion that Mr. Brownson’s committee has violated ?3517.10 and ?3517.20 of the Ohio Revised Code. These statutes work towards transparency in the process by requiring all candidates to formally state their candidacy with declaration of treasurer before they begin operating as candidates, and require […]

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of Safety Town and Sherrod Brown was there to help celebrate.

I went there when I was in kindergarden and absolutely LOVED it! And it seems Sherrod Brown’s memories of the experience are very similiar to mine:

“I remember riding my bike around. I remember Safety Town. I remember vaguely being there as a 4-year old,” Brown said. “But I also remember riding a bike around Safety Town when it wasn’t in session on the (miniature) streets and the houses.”

Anyway- this post is really just an excuse to share this photo of […]

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In honor of the new members of the Plundercrew:

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