I live near the Olentangy River and go fishing there every chance I get. This season has been pretty good for fishing- and everytime I do well, I debate taking the fish home for dinner.

Fortunately, I won’t have to think about this too much longer. Thanks to the Ohio EPA, soon there won’t be any fish left to catch.

That’s because:

A state plan to shield the Olentangy River from further pollution has been shelved after complaints that new rules would cripple development in Delaware County.

I think Eric said it best when he said: “like fucking delaware county needs more development”.

Thanks Ohio EPA for being a bunch of pussies.

  • I think this entire post has nothing to do with fish. This is just a ploy to get us an R rating.

    And yes, Delaware County needs more development like Dave Hickman needs more email addresses.

  • I’d have to include something about sex to get the R rating and I couldn’t work that in there.

    I guess we’ll have to settle for the NC-17 rating.


  • I was actually going to go out on a limb and link to this through Progress Ohio’s post yesterday.

    Out on a limb as in, agreeing with them on something. I will post how foolish their salmon story is though.

    Developers do not need anymore land, especially at the cost of sacrificing our watersheds. Many do not understand the devastating effect how work 4 -5 miles away from the closest stream can negatively impact that stream or waterway.

    I have built mitigated wetlands, while good, nothing can replace the ecosystem of naturally created wetlands.

    As for sex…. did you hear about the study that has shown the residual amounts of birth control pills, xanax, etc… is negatively impacting the fish. They claim that the birth control pills reduce reproduction in females and the xana drive down the sex drive of the males.

    The EPA is thinking about forcing municipalities and /or sewer agencies with restrictions which will limits these amounts in the effluent discharges.

    The technology for removing these trace amounts does not exist and would to be cost prohibitive.

    Instead of straddling communities with unrealistic regulations, they should be placing these burdens on developers.

    Comparing the two scenarios, there is more imminent damage to the watershed from the development.

    I would guess there is more harm done from run off over asphalt/concrete parking lots, fertilizers, road salts, etc… into our storm systems and watersheds, from increased surface drainage.

    Don’t know about your river but the Army Corps spends tons of money dredging every year from silt build up at the mouth of just about all rivers to Lake Erie.

    Joseph ever fish with a republican? I’ll take you to the Rocky River flyfishing for some Steelhead this fall.

    We could go in the winter if you don’t mind smelling the glycol used for de-icing at hopkins airport.

    Or the increased silt because they pieped in Abrams Creek for the stupid damn runway that the FBI is investigating for corruption.

    Even with this, the Lake Erie tribs are rated in the top ten in the world for Steelhead.

    Eric – You fish?

    Was my last comment about senor troll to x rated?

  • #3: Had to rescue this from spam. Not sure why yours end up there sometimes. I used to fish a bunch but not in many years. Did some stream wading with poles a couple years back “on business”.

  • One thing to bear in mind…

    At this point, the Ohio EPA staff is still SWAMPED with NeoCon patronage hires built up like gunk on the bottom of the crankcase. I used to have to deal with the regional office near me and it was sickening how over the years of the GOP reign of insanity, the agency had become a stooge for business interests.

    It will be a few years before sanity is restored to that agency.

  • I went fishing for salmon in Lake Michigan last weekend (ie, 8 days ago). Ate the fish. Foolishly didn’t consider what might be in the water 18 miles off the coast of Chicago.


  • Eric:

    Carp. Big Asian Carp.

    That’s what in the water 18 miles off the coast of Chicago.

    And let’s hope they stay there.

  • King:

    Half my family is Republican. But politics never seems to come up when we’re fishing.

    Anyway- I grew up on the east side of Cleveland. My family still lives there and I’m up there rather often.


    I’d love to go fishing up in Rocky River but, if that doesn’t work out, we’ll head over to the Chagrin.

  • DelCo Dem

    King- you never cease to surprise me- a repsonsible Republican on environmental issues. Although this is not the first time I have agreed with you, your comment that you “would guess there is more harm done from run off … into our storm systems and watersheds, from increased surface drainage” is spot on. What many fail to realize is that this same water serves as the supply for many municipal water systems. In just the few years that I have lived on Alum Creek in Delaware Co., I have seen an increase in sediment dumping into the creek on my property line from developers and the subsequent rush of oily stormwater coming from all the new developments. I am disgusted by the cities of Delaware and Powell that are so shortsighted. Then there is OEPA that grants NPDES permits like candy at a parade allowing Class Three headwaters into these rivers to be culverted
    to build yet another strip mall. I am all for economic development, but do we have to fill in the streams to do it?

    I’m with “EarlfromOhio” on this- Korleski needs to side-line those patronage hires at OEPA. They are giving the professionals at OEPA a bad rap.

  • 🙂 Well Delco, even a blind squirrel finds a nut!

    Working in this line of work with developers, communities, strom water prevention plans and agencies, I see first hand, the cause of the damaging effects at one end and when I fish or hunt, see it at the other end.

    See we are not all like S, S, S, Senor Troll over at RAG (Right Angle Garbage).

  • #7: That was Brian in #6.

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