Update: Melissa Giraud will also be joining the crew. Give her a warm welcome as well. I met Melissa during Video the Vote stuff this last cycle. She should provide a great new voice to the blog!

I just wanted to take a minute to welcome a couple of new people to the Plundercrew. Joining us are Jeff Parsons (formerly of Madrigal Maniac) and Lorraine Bieber. You might know Lorraine as someone who has commented around a bit. She also does work with IndyVoter.org. I’m excited to say after a couple of near misses that we finally have a strong progressive female voice on the blog.

In case you were wondering, all bloggers at PB are Central Ohio located.

Look for Jeff and Lorraine to begin posting soon. Give them a warm welcome.

In other news, Joe now has more comments than Brian. He wanted everyone to know that!

I’m attempting to get more people into blogging here as I’m going to be stepping back a bit. I’ll check things out and pop in with commentary from time to time – along with some sporadic posting – but the zoo is pretty much left to these 4 now. If you’d like to take no quarter against the wingnuts, bigots, hypocrits, homophobes, vile little Republican boyz, mouth breathing knuckle draggers, and insane “so-called” progressives, feel free to apply within. We’d love to have you.