Support and investment in the arts and other cultural organizations is a vital part of improving the quality of life in our state.

Art museums, the ballet, historical sites, recreation facilities… these are the things that make our state a great place to visit and a desirable place to live.

Not surprisingly, the idiots over at the Buckeye Institute don’t seem to understand this.

In their latest porker of the week post, the Buckeye Institute claim Ohio’s taxpayers are getting screwed by the Cultural Facilities Commission. As proof, they list all of the budget items for the commission.

In my opinion, this is probably some of the most useful spending in the budget. But don’t take my word for it…. here’s the list- decide for yourself:

Hayes Center Renovation & Repairs $ 300,000
Renovations and Repairs $ 850,000
Historic Site Signage $ 250,000
Serpent Mound Improvements $ 340,000
Information Technology Project $ 364,000
Center Rehabilitation $ 1,035,000
Digitization of Collections $ 300,000
Exhibit Replace/Orientation $ 415,000
Collections Facility Planning $ 1,240,000
W.P. Snyder Restoration $ 876,000
Lockington Locks Restoration $ 172,000
Huntington Park $ 7,000,000
Schuster Center for the Performing Arts $ 5,500,000
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra – Riverbend $ 3,000,000
Marina District Amphitheatre $ 2,900,000
Cincinnati Museum Center $ 2,000,000
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center $ 2,000,000
Cincinnati Sports Facility Improvements $ 2,000,000
Pro Football Hall of Fame $ 1,650,000
Heritage Center of Dayton Manufacturing & Entrepreneurship $ 1,300,000
Western Reserve Historical Society $ 1,000,000
COSI Columbus $ 1,000,000
Columbus Museum of Art $ 1,000,000
Mason ATP Tennis Center $ 1,300,000
Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens $ 1,175,000
Akron Art Museum $ 1,000,000
Sauder Village $ 830,000
Horvitz Center for the Arts $ 750,000
Ensemble Theatre $ 750,000
Voice of America Museum $ 750,000
Cleveland Steamship Mather $ 600,000
Cuyahoga County Soldiers? and Sailors Monument $ 500,000
King-Lincoln Arts & Entertainment District $ 500,000
Art Academy of Cincinnati $ 500,000
Great Lakes Historical Society $ 500,000
McKinley Museum $ 425,000
Charles A. Eulett Education Center and Appalachian Museum $ 300,000
Davis Shai Historical Facility $ 300,000
Massillon Museum $ 275,000
The Mandel Center $ 250,000
Worthington Arts Center $ 250,000
CCAD $ 250,000
BalletMet $ 250,000
Stambaugh Hall Improvements $ 250,000
Youngstown Symphony Orchestra $ 250,000
Wood County Historical Center & Museum $ 220,000
Harding Memorial $ 210,000
Cincinnati Ballet $ 200,000
City of Avon Stadium Complex $ 200,000
Renaissance Performing Arts Center $ 200,000
Oxford Arts Center Historic Renovation $ 174,000
Wayne County Historical Society – Lincoln Highway $ 170,000
Maumee Valley Historical Society $ 150,000
Trumbull County Historical Society $ 150,000
First Lunar Flight Project $ 25,000
Holmes County Historical Society $ 140,000
Canal Winchester Historical Society $ 125,000
Ukrainian Museum $ 100,000
Gordon Square Arts District $ 100,000
Moreland Theatre Renovation $ 100,000
Karamu House $ 100,000
Symmes Township Historical Society – Ross House $ 100,000
Springfield Veterans Park Amphitheatre $ 100,000
Gallia County Historical Genealogical Society $ 100,000
Gallia County French Art Colony $ 100,000
The Octagon House $ 100,000
Vinton County Stages – Pavilion Project $ 100,000
County Line Historical Society (Wayne/Holmes) $ 100,000
Paul Brown Museum $ 75,000
The Works – Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology $ 75,000
Van Wert Historical Society $ 70,000
Indian Mill Renovations $ 66,000
Hale Farm & Village $ 50,000
Howe House Historic Site $ 50,000
Beavercreek Community Theatre $ 50,000
Jamestown Opera House $ 50,000
Johnny Appleseed Museum $ 50,000
Vinton County Historical Society – Alice?s House Project $ 50,000
Woodward Opera House $ 50,000
Little Brown Jug Facility Improvements $ 50,000
Applecreek Historical Society $ 50,000
Wyandot Historic Building Renovation $ 50,000
Galion Historic Big Four Depot $ 30,000
Bucyrus Historic Depot Renovations $ 30,000
Myers Historical Stagecoach Inn Renovation $ 25,000
Arts West Performing Arts Center $ 25,000
Chester Academy Historic Building $ 25,000
Portland Civil War Museum and Historic Displays $ 25,000
Morgan County Historic Opera House $ 25,000
Crawford Antique Museum $ 9,000
Monroe City Historical Society Building Repairs $ 5,000
Wright-Dunbar Historical $ 250,000
Hip Klotz Memorial Facility Improvements $ 150,000
Music Hall Garage $ 1,000,000
AB Graham Center $ 40,000
Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum Restoration $ 30,000
WACO Aircraft Museum $ 30,000
Fort Recovery Renovations $ 100,000
CAP-087 Columbus Children?s Hospital Amphitheater $ 1,000,000

  • Yeah, because when I want to know what type of classical music I should listen to, or what type of art I should enjoy, I turn to the federal and state government.

    Government inherently limits artistic expression- For example, with the controversies regarding “piss Christ” or with religious figures pained in Elephant poop, taxpayers are correct to be outraged that their money funded such disgusting art. Without government involvement, artists are free to be as wild and crazy as they want, and I get to decide what I enjoy and pay for.

    But I guess that is too much freedom for the average lib’hurl to be comfortable with?

  • It’s the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, Matt. Not the NEA.

    From their website:

    The Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission is a state agency that oversees capital improvement funds appropriated by the General Assembly and Governor for planning, construction, renovation and expansion projects at Ohio?s theatres, museums, arts education facilities, historical sites and publicly-owned professional sports venues.

  • I guess this might be helpful too:

    Cultural facilities provide economic stimulus by:

    Creating jobs;
    Encouraging consumer spending;
    Serving as tourist attractions;
    Contributing to a higher quality of life for Ohioans;
    Providing children with creative learning experiences that greatly benefit the educational process.

  • Right, and those facilities should be privately owned and operated, where private individuals decide what art they will support and fund.

    This is an immoral use of taxpayer dollars, as it is wasteful and unnecessary.

  • OF COURSE they should be privately owned and operated.

    Just like the schools and the roads and the airports and the police department and the fire department, right?

    We’ll just let the “magic” of the free market decide everything?

  • Do you have an argument to make, other than to say “Oh you just want to privatize everything, don’t you!!?!”

    As an art and classical music lover, I pray that government always keeps its insensitive hands out of culture.

  • Again- the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission DOES NOT FUND ART or CLASSICAL MUSIC.

    However, if you do actually enjoy listening to live Classical music in Ohio- then you can probably thank the OCFC for providing you the location in which to do that.

    But you’re right: I do think you want to privatize everything.


  • This has to be one of the funniest phrases ever uttered here at Plunderbund:

    “As an art and classical music lover, I pray that government always keeps its insensitive hands out of culture.” – Matt Naugle

  • And, just to be clear: Dave Hansen (Buckeye Institute) doesn’t seem to like the symphony as much as you, Matt.

    Here’s a quote from the enquirer

    “It reflects the tastes of the political elites,” Hansen said. “You see the symphony being funded and the museums. You don’t see NASCAR being funded. You don’t see a Bowling Hall of Fame. It just reflects a bias in those who have access to politics.”

    Regarding NASCAR: I would love to see them come to Ohio- even though I’ve never watched a car race in my life. It’s a popular sport that draws a big crowd and makes a lot of money for the towns that host races. The state would be wise to invest (a little) in bringing NASCAR to Ohio.

    As far as the Bowling Hall of Fame goes… that’s in St. Louis. I’ve been there- and it’s totally cool.

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