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Anti-Gay Agenda In Ohio

On June 28, 2007 By

CNN has a good piece about aboption by same-sex couples online today.

The article discusses, among other things, the legal hurdles to adoption faced in some states that deny same-sex couples the right to adopt (e.g. Mississippi, Utah) and, of course, in Florida- the only state that specifically bans “homosexual” individuals from adopting.

Though our state is not specifically mentioned, it’s important to remember that in Ohio, same-sex partners are barred from joint adoption. And only last year, a bill was introduced into the Ohio Legislature that would bar all adoptions and foster care by gays and lesbians.


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Do climate change skeptics ever say anything that sounds plausible? Like that other planets in the solar system are warming (Mars and Pluto, specifically), and thus the earth’s warming is due to solar radiation? Don’t let ’em fool you. Check out New Scientists’ Climate Change: A guide for the perplexed, which sets out to debunk some of the myths out there about climate change.

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A rather curious poll came to light yesterday; amongst the current field of Democratic presidential candidates, Clinton has a large lead with 37% to Obama’s 19%, with no one else north of 10%.

However, if you throw Al Gore’s name into the mix, the situation shifts dramatically.

Al Gore, however, could enter the race as the leader. When his name is added, Clinton loses more than a quarter of her support, while Gore is backed by 32 percent.

As much as it hurts Clinton if Gore enters the race, it appears it must hurt the other candidates even more […]

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In his latest article, Ken Blackwell blasts Michael Moore’s Movie ‘Sicko’ and all of the Democratic presidential candidates in a rant that shows his complete lack of understanding about universal healthcare. It goes something like this:

Think of the hassles you face at the department of motor vehicles. Now picture dealing with those hassles when you take a child to the doctor: Take a number to wait in line for countless hours, or days, for the wrong test, or to correct a prescription for the wrong medicine. Stand in one line for x-rays, then another for medication.

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I received another email from the Franklin County folks that provides a little more detail than the previous one– so I thought I’d share…

Primary finance reports are not required if the candidate?s name does not appear on the primary ballot.

Simi Annual finance reports are not required if the candidate is required to file a post general report for that year.

Columbus City Charter requires all candidates to file a finance report (electronically) to this office no later than five days before the general election ?

The first report that will be required for the Columbus Mayorial […]

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What’s Tiberi been up to?

On June 27, 2007 By

I realized this morning that we haven’t really talked about my congressman, Pat Tiberi, very much at all this sesson. Wondering why that was, I thought I’d go check to see what he’s been up to.

He hasn’t been up to much. In fact, there are just 10 references in the current Congressional Record, and no official record of any bills being sponsored (but 79 co-sponsored):

Election of Minority Members to Certain Standing Committees of the House (Ways and Means) Commending the Florida Gators for Winning the National College Football Championship (mentioned by Rep Keller as receiving condolences!) Election […]

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Ann Coulter is smashed into oblivion by Elizabeth Edwards.

Coulter is so vile. BSB has the video of what Coulter said on Monday that Edwards and Matthews are referencing.

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The incomparable Django Reinhardt and his Quintet of the Hot Club of France perform J’Attenndrai.

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I just got an email back from Ben Piscitelli, Public Information Officer for the Franklin County Board of Elections regarding campaign finance reports for the Columbus Mayor’s race.

Because there was no primary election held, the candidates have “until Oct. 25th to submit financial reports.”

It looks like we’re going to be waiting a long time to find out who is on the campaign payroll- and who is funding the campaigns.

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George Vs. George – Again

On June 26, 2007 By

O-HI-O… Represent….

Sen. George Voinovich said Tuesday the U.S. should begin pulling troops out of Iraq and bolster diplomatic efforts, becoming the second Republican lawmaker in as many days to declare President Bush’s war strategy a failure.
?It’s in their best interest to become part

It’s about time.

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Speaking of activist judges…

The Supreme Court ruled on two cases yesterday- both dealing with free-speech and both showing the conservative bias of the court.

In the first, they ruled that an anti-abortion group CAN run issue ads two months before an election.

In the second, then ruled that a student CAN NOT display a silly banner reading “bong hits 4 jesus” across the street from school property.

When writing about the anti-abortion group:

Chief Justice John Roberts is a wrote for the majority. “Where the First Amendment is implicated, the tie goes to the speaker, not the […]

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