So, we here at PB have taken some heat for attacking Matt Naugle for his falsehoods and irrelevant personal attacks. I understand that some people think we are wasting our time, and to a certain extent, I understand that view.

But I also understand that the “most prominent right-wing blog in Ohio” has a responsibility – be a good citizen in the blogging community. Lying about the facts is not a part of good citizenship. Neither is attacking family members of politicians or bloggers. I think ignoring these attacks is a mistake. I believe that this kind of ugliness must be confronted to be defeated.

As Jerid points out, this stuff has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than trying to embarrass and attack uninvolved third parties. The Ohio GOP has attacked Jerid’s mom. RABid has attacked Jerid’s dad. RABid has attacked Jennifer Brunner’s son. This stuff is pandemic. And I can’t wrap my head around the idea that anyone would think this relevant or even ethical.

This pretty much confirms my earlier decision to never ever link to RABid again. I’d ignore them entirely, if there wasn’t significant evidence that Naugle is running an astroturf blog over there, and thus is doing this at the behest of the Ohio GOP.

UPDATE: I should add – I have never, not once ever, been even remotely curious in digging for skeletons amongst Naugle’s family and friends. His mother, or father, aren’t out there blogging, carrying water, and as such aren’t even relevant. For that matter, I’m not terribly interested in Naugle’s skeletons. Unless he’s practicing one thing and preaching another, I don’t much care about his private life.

But then again, I have facts, truth, justice, and ethical behavior on my side. When you are losing the fight, I guess you might feel the need to steep to some pretty ugly behavior.

UPDATE 2: the offending post has suddenly disappeared from RABid. *POOF* – just like an “enemy combatant”. Somebody – probably one of Matty’s “handlers” from the Ohio GOP – must have decided that was in poor taste (and it was). Matty didn’t even have the nerve to leave a placeholder post apologizing for posting something so completely out of line to begin with. Well, this post isn’t going away – Matty may have retracted the post, but that doesn’t change the fact that one of the “top” conservative blogs in Ohio thought it appropriate, even fleetingly, to put something like that out there. This post will remain on the internet forever, a testament to what vicious scumbags wingnuts are. Coultergeist is cut from the same cloth.

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