Last year Deb Pryce (R) almost lost her job as the rep from Ohio’s 15th district. The close election (she won by only about 1,000 out of 220,000 votes) was, in large part, due to TV ads run by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that accused her of voting to increasing her own pay.

She was recently quoted in Congressional Quartly saying: ?It was one of the most effective ads against me, and it ran constantly.”

The CQ article described the results:

As Ohio Republican Deborah Pryce campaigned for re-election at parades and other public appearances last year, constituents greeted her with sarcastic catcalls such as, ?Give yourself another pay raise.?

Hey! I was at that parade. I’m glad to know she heard me yelling. 😉

Anyway, looking ahead to the next election, Pryce voted against a salary increase yesterday- as did a lot of other Ohio Republicans who will be involved in tough campaigns next year including Steve Chabot, Jean Schmidt, Jim Jordan, Pat Tiberi and Steve LaTourette- as well as some Democrats like Space and Kucinich.

(note: the measure was approved 272-155)

I guess the DCCC is going to need another issue for the next election. The war maybe? Immigration? Oh, there are so many to choose from. I don’t think it’ll be a problem.