CNN has a good piece about aboption by same-sex couples online today.

The article discusses, among other things, the legal hurdles to adoption faced in some states that deny same-sex couples the right to adopt (e.g. Mississippi, Utah) and, of course, in Florida- the only state that specifically bans “homosexual” individuals from adopting.

Though our state is not specifically mentioned, it’s important to remember that in Ohio, same-sex partners are barred from joint adoption. And only last year, a bill was introduced into the Ohio Legislature that would bar all adoptions and foster care by gays and lesbians.

Unfortunately, we can expect this gay-hating agenda in Ohio to continue as long as we have people like Rev. Russell Johnson (Ohio Restoration Project) spewing crap like: Marriage or any civil union has been declared unconstitutional (in Ohio), so why would they be able to adopt children? These people cannot reproduce. … Experimenting on children through gay adoption is a problem.

I fully expect more of this type of crap from our Republican-led Legislature when they return in September. And Plunderbund will be watching.