From the daily archives: Thursday, June 28, 2007

I couldn’t make up something this funny. I’m including all the text because it’s JUST THAT HILARIOUS.

The Sacred Secrets of Saddam’s Super Secret WMDs
26 June 2007

Why do people still believe Saddam had WMDs? Because Jesus tells them so. Well, not Jesus, but his modern disciples.

Rod Parsley, a rising star of charismatic fundamentalism who’s had a heavy impact on national politics, features on his “Breakthrough” program tonight Dr. Perry Stone, an apocalypse scholar who claims top national security sources and Israelis assure him that inspectors discovered enough WMDs in Saddam’s bunkers before the war […]

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Last year Deb Pryce (R) almost lost her job as the rep from Ohio’s 15th district. The close election (she won by only about 1,000 out of 220,000 votes) was, in large part, due to TV ads run by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that accused her of voting to increasing her own pay.

She was recently quoted in Congressional Quartly saying: ?It was one of the most effective ads against me, and it ran constantly.”

The CQ article described the results:

As Ohio Republican Deborah Pryce campaigned for re-election at parades and other public appearances last year, […]

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The Plain Dealer has a funny story today about another labor dispute between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Air-Traffic Controllers Union.

But this one isn’t over money or overtime- this one is about pants.

Specifically, an FAA-imposed dress code for controllers.

The part that caught my eye was the controller in Oberlin who was reprimanded because his aquamarine pants were “not gender appropriate.”

The union spokewoman (Melissa Ott) called the policy silly and, in defense of the bright-blue pants guy, added: “He was angry. He said they were questioning his sexuality because of his pants. And aren’t […]

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While Ken Blackwell whines and warns us about Democratic plans for “big government takeover” of our health care system – our Democratic Governor is actually doing something good to help Ohio’s children.

The legislature passed Ted Strickland’s budget yesterday and, as promised, the budget includes:

Healthcare Access for All Ohio?s Children

* All children up to 300 percent of the federal poverty line will have access to healthcare through the State Children?s Health Insurance Program.

* Families at incomes above 300 percent of poverty will be able to buy health coverage from the state for children with […]

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Anti-Gay Agenda In Ohio

On June 28, 2007 By

CNN has a good piece about aboption by same-sex couples online today.

The article discusses, among other things, the legal hurdles to adoption faced in some states that deny same-sex couples the right to adopt (e.g. Mississippi, Utah) and, of course, in Florida- the only state that specifically bans “homosexual” individuals from adopting.

Though our state is not specifically mentioned, it’s important to remember that in Ohio, same-sex partners are barred from joint adoption. And only last year, a bill was introduced into the Ohio Legislature that would bar all adoptions and foster care by gays and lesbians.


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Do climate change skeptics ever say anything that sounds plausible? Like that other planets in the solar system are warming (Mars and Pluto, specifically), and thus the earth’s warming is due to solar radiation? Don’t let ’em fool you. Check out New Scientists’ Climate Change: A guide for the perplexed, which sets out to debunk some of the myths out there about climate change.

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A rather curious poll came to light yesterday; amongst the current field of Democratic presidential candidates, Clinton has a large lead with 37% to Obama’s 19%, with no one else north of 10%.

However, if you throw Al Gore’s name into the mix, the situation shifts dramatically.

Al Gore, however, could enter the race as the leader. When his name is added, Clinton loses more than a quarter of her support, while Gore is backed by 32 percent.

As much as it hurts Clinton if Gore enters the race, it appears it must hurt the other candidates even more […]

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