In his latest article, Ken Blackwell blasts Michael Moore’s Movie ‘Sicko’ and all of the Democratic presidential candidates in a rant that shows his complete lack of understanding about universal healthcare. It goes something like this:

Think of the hassles you face at the department of motor vehicles. Now picture dealing with those hassles when you take a child to the doctor: Take a number to wait in line for countless hours, or days, for the wrong test, or to correct a prescription for the wrong medicine. Stand in one line for x-rays, then another for medication.

  • Len

    In other words, nothing would change, right?

  • Of course Blackwell can’t wrap his head around a big idea such as universal health care. His party has been in power for many years and can’t even fix the BMV.

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  • Casey

    Typical conservative oversimplification and bait and switch. He assumes that the health care systems would suffer the fools that the BMV would suffer. It’s easy to beat up the BMV, but my experience is about a 10 minute trip one time per year. I would take that kind of hassel.

    As it stands, to get wrong answers from my private insurance company I need to wait on hold on the telephone for an hour and a half. True story– they have a complaint guy whose job it is to get you off the phone. He ultimately hung up on me because I wouldn’t go away until I had my question answered.

    Blackwell points out what all 11 of the Republican hopefuls believe, but does not support his horror story with any facts. The fact is that Medicare and Medicaid are more efficient to the consumer than private insurance (there are no 21 million dollar CEOs).

    Conservatives spend a lot of time ignoring reality and telling us how it is based on whatever sounds right to support their argument. How about an analysis of how a single payer system would impact business. I have no hard figues, but if you told employers that they could forego medical insurance cost, but pay some more taxes the smart ones would want to know more. A huge amount of employers profits go to implementing and paying for the cost of insurance and people to manage the beauracracy of insurance companies. Beauracracies which are no less a labyrinth than any government’s.

    Blackwell needs to stop flaunting his ignorance.

  • AmberCat

    Blackwell will never stop flaunting his ignorance. It’s what he DOES. I too don’t get the BMV scare story. If you go to the right office at the right time of day, it takes no time at all. It’s pretty well organized, the lines are clearly marked and the fees are posted. I have never had a dispute in all the years I’ve been driving in Ohio. One can only wish health insurance worked so well.

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