I received another email from the Franklin County folks that provides a little more detail than the previous one– so I thought I’d share…

Primary finance reports are not required if the candidate?s name does not appear on the primary ballot.

Simi Annual finance reports are not required if the candidate is required to file a post general report for that year.

Columbus City Charter requires all candidates to file a finance report (electronically) to this office no later than five days before the general election ?

The first report that will be required for the Columbus Mayorial Election will probably be the pre-general report ? due Oct. 25, 2007.

Please be aware that those finance filings will be posted to our web site at close of business that date.

So it sounds like the data will be available online about a week and a half before election day- which certainly doesn’t leave us a lot of time for analysis before people head to the polls.

  • Hmmm… Now that everyone is eligible to vote absentee 30 days prior to the election, maybe they should re-think that date.

  • The whole “report” concept is antiquated and meaningless given that all campaign contributions and expeditures are reported electronically.

    Why not, in the name of transparency-in-the-elections process, just release the data daily? Hourly?

  • Bryan Clark

    Since there was not a primary for mayor in 2007, a post-primary report was not due. Ohio finance laws require a semi-annual report for any entity for which a 2007 post-primary report was not due. The semi-annual report will be due on 31 July 07 and will cover all activity through 30 June 2007.

    The BOE has conflated the rules regarding post-primary vs. post-general reports.

    Long story short — Bill Todd and Mike Coleman will have to report everything through the 30th of June and the deadline is the 31st of July.

  • I guess the question then is: will the data be available on the 31st of July? Or will be have to wait until October?

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