From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The incomparable Django Reinhardt and his Quintet of the Hot Club of France perform J’Attenndrai.

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I just got an email back from Ben Piscitelli, Public Information Officer for the Franklin County Board of Elections regarding campaign finance reports for the Columbus Mayor’s race.

Because there was no primary election held, the candidates have “until Oct. 25th to submit financial reports.”

It looks like we’re going to be waiting a long time to find out who is on the campaign payroll- and who is funding the campaigns.

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George Vs. George – Again

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O-HI-O… Represent….

Sen. George Voinovich said Tuesday the U.S. should begin pulling troops out of Iraq and bolster diplomatic efforts, becoming the second Republican lawmaker in as many days to declare President Bush’s war strategy a failure.
?It’s in their best interest to become part

It’s about time.

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Speaking of activist judges…

The Supreme Court ruled on two cases yesterday- both dealing with free-speech and both showing the conservative bias of the court.

In the first, they ruled that an anti-abortion group CAN run issue ads two months before an election.

In the second, then ruled that a student CAN NOT display a silly banner reading “bong hits 4 jesus” across the street from school property.

When writing about the anti-abortion group:

Chief Justice John Roberts is a wrote for the majority. “Where the First Amendment is implicated, the tie goes to the speaker, not the […]

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Yesterday the Supreme County voted 5-4 in favor of a Wisconsin Anti-Abortion group who wanted to run ads air in during the last two month before the 2004 elections.

The court ruled that the portion of the 2002 campaign finance act that prevents the running of ‘issue ads’ that use a candidates name withing two months on an election
“unreasonably limits speech and violates … First Amendment rights”

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California is apparently so overrun with immigrants, that the state GOP is having a hard time filling positions with US citizens.

First the party was forced to admit it had hired a Canadian citizen with no political experience to be its new political director, under the H-1B visa program — a program that grants temporary visas. Now revelations have surfaced that the party’s chief operating officer, an Australian citizen, was ordered deported in 2001, spent one month in jail and then filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging wrongful arrest.

In case you aren’t familiar, […]

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This is gonna be incredibly hilarious, I think.

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As a part of The New Hampshire Project, BSB chief (and PB alum) Jerid sat down for a fifteen minute interview with Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Chris Dodd.

It’s an excellent interview by Jerid. Having participated in a Meet The Bloggers event before, I know both how powerful these opportunities can be, and how difficult it can be to interview candidates as a normal citizen.

These kinds of events are tremendously important. So listen, learn, and comment. If candidates notice, they’ll be more likely to participate in the future, and really, the blogosphere is perhaps the most democratic form […]

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