kevin.jpgState Senator Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) doesn’t give up.

He’s always trying to privatize something i.e. give away OUR tax dollars to HIS big campaign contributors.

This time he’s using Special Education students as pawns in his plan to give away much-needed public school funds to his private-school-operating pals.

As we’ve mentioned here before, Kevin has received TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of private school companies.

And he is doing his best to return the favor with his most recent attempt to expand the voucher program.

Coughlin introduced a similar bill last session- which failed. But, like I said, this guy doesn’t give up. Not when the campaign contributions keep rolling in.

Kevin Coughlin wants you to believe he is concerned about Ohio’s Children. But that, my friend, is Bullshit!

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