Finally the “experts” are coming out and saying what I’ve been saying all along:

the state employees, taxpayers and others unlucky enough to be on the <stolen> tape are actually at a very low risk of having their identities stolen

basically, these experts are saying:

You are much more at risk if someone goes through your garbage can than if you are part of a large data breach

And that, of course, makes a lot of sense.

The dude going through your trash is actually TRYING to find personal information about you. He is TRYING to steal your identity.

The dude breaking into your car to steal your radar detector? Well…. he’s just trying to steal your radar detector- or your stereo- or something else he can sell to the pawn shop.

There is no way THAT low-rent, low-tech, radar-detector-stealing thief has any clue what to do with the ‘storage device’ he stole. It might as well be a John Denver 8-track tape– or a Flashdance Betamax videocassette.

At the end of the day, “data” was not stolen. Some piece of plastic was stolen. Useless plastic tape.

And I’m willing to bet that it never, ever turns up.



Wanna Bet?