…oh where oh where has he gone?

Where has the beloved wingnut blogger wunderkid gone? Off the map is where. It appears I was spot on with this post. Not only that, it appears Jabba the Naugle got a second talking to. There’s no way in hell he doesn’t pile on with his beloved Dan Williamson’s latest shilling post about Bill Todd, nor is it normal for Matt not to comment on this post. Curiously enough, “rightangle” is back posting on the front page along with “Joe C.”. Looks like some folks were asked to pick up the slack. Heh. I’m also hearing rumors among these blogosphere that people think Matt’s playing some games with posting anonymously elsewhere. That’s a developing one. I do know that I can’t get “Brian O?Connell” over at Columbuser to return an email. Hmmm.

More evidence of coordination – or maybe this will smoke him out. Come on out Matt. The playground ain’t as fun without ya. You won’t hurt the GOP…too aweful much.

I will have to give some props to the Ohio GOP. Pretty smart cookies over there. As are the lobbyists who’ve been complaining. Smart peeps.

Matt’s last post was about Marc Dann swearing, which is kinda ironic given this news from last year.