doddoneonone.jpgHe’s not my favorite candidate by any means, but he is smart enough to know a prezzie is gonna need the blogs in ’08 – and gonna need Ohio blog love – so the good Senator is sitting down with Jerid at BSB during his New Hampshire Project in what I’m hearing is a no pre-determined rules conversation. The most amazing thing is that they called him up, obviously riffing off of the Obama misstep of kicking Jerid out of a public event. I haven’t commented on that yet, but suffice to say I think the Obama folks screwed up and are in danger of spoiling what good vibes they established with the very hospitable action at last year’s state dinner.

So get your questions to Jerid. He’s asking and this is the reason the NH Project was born. Great, great stuff! Maybe Joe Hallett would like to submit a question. I hear he’s a pro at this “original reporting” thing.

Props to Tim Tagaris, a familiar name to us here in OH, for helping his campaign get it. My own personal hope is that the other campaigns see that Jerid is not out to hurt our side in any way. He’s been very public about his desire to get their stories from NH out in an unfettered way. None of us – that I know of – have really settled upon any one candidate. I know this for a fact with Jerid.

Great job all. I think this is what was envisioned when the genius who came up with the NH Project envisioned it!