I’m certainly no fashion plate. A fact made painfully obviously by the recent posting of a photo of me with Mike Bloomberg.

However, a sweater and tie are certainly no match for George Bush wearing a cheesy-ass pair of black “crocs” along with “a pair of black shorts, a white camp shirt, a baseball cap with the image of an unidentified Scottish terrier and black bike socks imprinted with the presidential seal.”


  • I resisted getting Crocs until the whole rest of the family got some and ordered me some as well. I kinda like ’em though. Comfortable as hell and a great flip flop stand-in.

    Tie and sweater was fine man…it was the hair! Oh, the hair! 😉

    [PS – fix that damned photo! – Hehe]

  • That’s nothing. You should see my passport photo.

  • Demgal

    Those are his drinking clothes, silly.

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