This puts wingnuts in a real conundrum. “Let’s see…hmmm…do I ‘support our troops?’ or do I ‘hate on the illegals?’…choices, choices”:

(CBS/AP) While the U.S. military searches for a soldier missing in Iraq, kidnapped by insurgents possibly allied with al Qaeda, his wife back home in Massachusetts may be deported by the U.S. government.

Based on some things I’ve heard online (more on that later), I’m gonna bet the wingnut blogosphere in Ohio would vote to hate on illegals. “Deport the illegal bitch” is my guess on their first thought. Tough one for them though. It’s what happens when your positions aren’t morally consistent.

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  • Eric,

    I would have to agree on your guess.

    Keeping the issues apart I would say….

    Husband is POW in Iraq. I feel for her, can wish her only the best. How I feel about our soldier, previous posts on my site state my feelings. But he should be supported as with his family.

    Our country should have no limitations as to what is needed to effect his safe return. Iraqi casualties of civilians, would be incidental to the return of our soldier. 100’s of Iraq lives do not equal 1 American soldier.


    I would say if his wife is here illegally, she should be subject to the same laws all other illegal are. So, she should be deported or take the measures needed to be here legally.

    As her husband is an American Soldier, provisions should be made to fast track this through. But she is still illegally here. Here husband being a POW does not change her status.

    Please understand, I do not HATE illegal aliens. A majority of my family came off the olive boat from Italy. They all came legally and worked for and got their citizenship. Why should the illegals of nowadays be given anymore special treatment than the immigrants of yesteryear.

    You know the immigrants that busted their ass in sweat shops and were subject to ethnic slurs and exclusion. The immigrants that built this country, fought, scraped and clawed to become American, yet maintain their heritage.

  • Oh, please splain to dis wing nut how would these views not be morally consistent?

  • #1&2: Well, the first place we diverge is your notion that 100s of Iraqi lives do not equal 1 American soldier’s life. How arrogant and offensive! I view all lives equally. The root of many problems is in this thinking. I don’t know much about how you were raised, but I’m doubting your religious faith would agree with your assessment of the value of human life on the planet.

    Now, the reason why it is inconsistent is that you want to say you support the soldier, but you support her deportation. I’m not thinking the solider would view this as support.

    I understand your position, but if we are going to expedite her treatment -presumably due to her being the wife of a soldier, how then can we justify not allowing more who want to come into the country (and those who desired so strongly as to do so illegally) to become citizens legally as well?

    Afterall, they are the new “olive boat” people no? They want to bust their asses too and make a life.

    The thing I have a problem with is the complete absence of empathy and compassion for people until they acquire U.S. citizenship. I’m not putting that on you, but I see it often.

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