shillinIt sure looks like he’s on board with Big Head Todd. Here’s the curious part. Dan writes alot that Matt Naugle picks up – and vice versa. Maybe the fix is on. Smells funny anyways. Matt has no problem with biased press as long as the bias leans the right way. He loves Dan, that’s for sure:

Submitted by Matthew on April 26, 2007 – 12:45pm.

And Speaking of The Other Paper, I heard a rumor that Dan Williamson, my favorite cyborg of the Ohio MSM, wrote something about this funny flyer for the Capital University College Republicans’ “Global Warming Beach Party.” And a little birdie told me Williamson became aware of it because I posted it on RAB. Whatever he wrote doesn’t seem to be on their website, so I’ll scan a copy soon.

Submitted by Matthew on January 18, 2007 – 9:14pm.

Funny stuff from Dan Williamson in January’s Columbus Monthly… Williamson should start Ohio’s version of The Onion.

Submitted by Matthew on January 30, 2007 – 7:26pm.

The coolest cat in the state house news gaggle, Dan Williamson of The Other Paper, might mention the results in an article on Thursday.

Submitted by Matthew on February 1, 2007 – 3:48pm.

The (Columbus) Other Paper’s Dan Williamson has an article about Right Angle Blog’s straw poll. He turned me in to quite the super duper star in Columbus today. I want to thank Dan for not cherry picking from my answers to him- I’m sure he could have easily made me sound like an idiot, which is something I sometimes don’t need much help with.

Cozy. Matt even takes little funny friend type shots at Dan. It’s almost cute. Come on Dan. Hallett has already got the kid figured out and is on record in a recent post of his. Maybe you should step up – or do you like hanging with angry hate-filled right wing kids? Maybe I’ll give Dan a ring. Curiously, it’s been a while since we’ve chit chatted…